Here some WordPress plugin to monetize your blog for beginner:

  1. Using, WordPress plugin download here
    1. download the plugin and register
    2. Enable the plugin

    3. Once your blog connect to the, Your Public API token will appear, then set Links to ON
    4. Set Domain selection type to EXCLUDE and put your domain list in Domain list (comma separated), it means that plugin will exclude all your blog in to shortening, just external link shortened
    5. Capping means how many ads will display for each user within interval, for example Capping 1 / 1 hours it means will display ads one time every 1 hour, you can set Capping 1 / 2 Hours, so users will see ads every 2 hour
    6. Next setting is

      You can select when the ads shows, on Entries, or Exits, or Pop Ads

  2. Using AdsOptimal, WordPress plugin download here

    Once you have register to AdsOptimal, and install the plugin, you just press button Connect to AdsOptimal and set which ads will display to your mobile web and desktop web