In this new release, Microsoft introduce new installer of Visual Studio, it’s faster than Visual Studio 2015 installer.

To download the installer, click here.

The new installer almost like a web platform installer. Below is the step by step to use this new installer

  1. Double click vs_bootstrapper.exe
  2. Klik Install

  3. Wait until the Installer gets the update

  4. Once the installer check for updates, you’re ready to install

  5. You can specific install the component to install and it’s faster than the previous installer, after you tick any component you want to install, click Install.

Some Errors that may occur (based my experiences) :

Failed to load product definition









Your computer is not connected to internet (sorry I forgot to capture the screen)


go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer, and run vs_installer.exe manually, you will solve the problem